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I am an Embodiment Mentor offering bespoke one-to-one experiences, created to help you embody your life's purpose. I'm proud to have been trained and certified by Mastin Kipp himself, a leading figure in this field. I feel privileged to be one of just a handful of women in the UK who are able to deliver and facilitate Mastin's Trauma Informed mentorship and purpose-driven program.​

- Someone who can help you discover the Trauma Habits blocking you from your dreams, vision and purpose. 

- Who helps you identify the predictable road blocks you’ll likely encounter while trying to embody your purpose.

- Who will help you stay on track with your alignment blueprint. 

- Who helps you maintain a healthy flow state (ventral). 

- Who ensures you commit to the long game.

- Will help you establish and embody long-lasting lifestyle changes.

- Who champions and supports you and your cause every step of the way.

- Who can help you integrate the 3 key elements of sustainable embodiment and success.  

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Why heal your Trauma to live and embody your purpose? Every time our unresolved emotional data is activated, we find ourselves being triggered over and over again, unable to break free, change or move through our triggers because we have forgotten how to regulate and reset ourselves. We become stuck in certain reactionary states.

Trigger States can be:

- Procrastination

- Self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome

- Worthlessness

- Not feeling good enough

- Fear of being seen

- Anger

- Overwhelm


The list goes on…. Any of those sound familiar? They are all Trauma Responses.

Now does it make sense?!


Our triggers arise from unresolved emotional data a.k.a Trauma, old stories that our body and mind keep returning to. You might also call it ‘survival mode’ because we are still trying to keep ourselves safe from a 'threat' which in reality happened a long time ago. The Nervous System simply doesn’t recognise the danger has passed and continues to act out the same safety response. For some reason we just can’t get to where we want to be. Why?

Because the Nervous System which feeds the subconscious mind, won’t let you. 

This is why we can feel stuck, broken, angry, confused and overwhelmed. This is why we give up or don’t complete our goals. Trauma is what really prevents us from embodying our true potential. 

If you are struggling to move forward and can’t work out why… Embodiment Mentoring will support you and give you all the tools you need to move through those old and stubborn emotional blocks. 

You just have to make the choice to be ready! 


Together we can move you forward.


We’ve got this!

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- Allow yourself to be co-regulated, fully supported and encouraged every step of the way. 

- Learn how to not just follow your dreams but fully embody and integrate them into your life.

- Overcome and understand your trauma blocks through Breathwork, visualisation and neuroplasticity.

- A pioneering Mentorship Method which combines holistic, somatic and neuroscience practices. 

- Discover how neuroscience and your history really impacts how your Nervous System works and holds you back.

- Expand the skills and tools required to navigate and build greater goal achievement and success. 

- Understand and recognise your attachment styles to overcome old habits and change direction. 

- Develop and master long-term goal setting and how to overcome the difficulties of overwhelm.  

​- Finally get the support and empowerment to discover and succeed and flourish from now on.

- Evolve into the real version of who you are and develop skills for a whole new way of living.

Payment Plans Available 

4 wk
Mentoring  Program

Embodiment Mentoring.

(No breathwork)


Heal Your Emotional Past

4 wk
Basic Programme


2 mentoring session and 2 breathwork sessions.


Heal Your Emotional Past

Radical Self Empowerment
Signature Program


Fully Interactive Specialised Trauma Informed Breathwork & Nervous System Regulation self-development course. 

8 Sessions 


Online £888

In-Person £999

4 x Breathwork & 4 x Coaching


12 Sessions 

Deep Dive 

Online £1400

In-Person £1750

6 x Breathwork & 6 x Coaching

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