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I completed Susie's Mentoring and Breathwork program, which was transformational for me. I was dealing with a number of issues relating to anxiety, stress, past trauma, but working with Susie was not about looking back it was about moving forward, providing me with the awareness of how my body and mind reacts to situations and recognising the trigger points. Through the mentoring process, Susie provided me with the tools that I needed, building on them week by week, to be able to at first respond to trauma responses and thereafter manage them to the point that I can move through them with the knowledge and empowerment that I am in control.


As Susie remarked to me - I breathed my way free! The most powerful aspect I took from this process was that it is actually relatively simple, I came into it imagining something unknown but huge when in reality, its implementing the tools Susie provides, little by little, building on them and breathing yourself free! I cannot thank Susie enough, such a joy to work with, and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to free themselves and take back control.


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I attended Susie's Intuitive Breathwork Workshop in March 2022, and it was the most profound experience.


I have always done a lot of bottom up work, but this made me realise how closely I held on to my emotions without even realising it! Since the workshop I have been seeing Susie for monthly 1:1's and each time I discover more and more about myself. It has been an incredibly liberating experience, and Susie is now an integral part of my overall wellbeing.... you are just the best!



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"Working with Susie has changed my life profoundly"


She truly has a gift with the work she does and I feel very lucky to have found her. The combination of breathwork and mentoring worked perfectly for me, I felt emotionally supported by her throughout, which is important as the healing/trauma work is a lot more powerful than I anticipated.


She has opened my mind to whole new world of possibility where I don't have to live as a highly anxious people pleaser.


I look forward to continuing my work with her and cannot recommend her enough.



Susie invited me to join her Zoom group breathwork sessions, something I had not experienced before. I found it strange at first to get the breathing in a regular flow but Susie guided me through the whole process. Susie makes you feel relaxed and is very knowledgeable about her subject and can answer any questions you have before or after the session. I suffer with anxiety a lot so I use breathing techniques to combat this and Susie's sessions have aided me in this respect too.



I find breathwork with Susie really powerful. It helps me with different situations in my life such as past trauma, relaxation and tension relief. This week's intention was Clarity. After our session, my breathing was lighter and I had the courage to set some boundaries and speak freely. The best part was waking up this morning in the exact same position I had fallen asleep in. No dreams, no nightmares. It was so peaceful and rewarding to have a good night's sleep. I felt my conscience was clear after breathwork.


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I had been hearing about the benefit of breathwork and Susie popped up as someone local. I felt an instant connection to her and like I was meant to work with her where traditional therapies had failed me & I have so much more clarity in my life.


Working with Susie has changed my life.

It's hard for me to have the words to do my experience with Susie justice but I just feel now like everything will be ok.


I am now more comfortable in my own skin. I feel worthy of love, calm and happiness and have an awareness of why I react to certain things in certain ways. I also have a toolkit that allows me to self regulate in tough times.




I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Intuitive Breathwork in real life and digitally during the pandemic. In a time when our breathing is being seriously compromised there is no better time than now to experience an intuitive workshop. Susie is one of a kind, you feel instantly safe in her warm and guiding spirit. Even if you are a novice or new to the modality, the act is simple enough to follow without experience. You just have to breathe.



An incredible session. I felt tension and releases in places I didn’t expect. I noticed feeling the need to exhale as much diminished as we moved through the session. It gave me a nano-second of worry (where was the air going?) then I remembered Susie saying the breath would go where it was needed and after that I could feel hungry cells in all sorts of places just gulping down oxygen. Visually as we began the session I was shown a kind of black box away from my body. As we moved through the session it came towards me and turned into a globe. It then started looking like an eclipse corona - multi-coloured light around the globe, becoming more purple. By the time we finished I was looking at golden water shot through with purple and azure blue swirling in infinity symbol formation everywhere around me. It strikes me today that’s quite the visual metaphor for boxing away emotion/trauma and then starting to reintegrate everything into myself.



As a first-timer, I was quite nervous - I didn't know what to expect. I needn't have worried though as Susie gently and expertly guided me through the session. By the end, I was left feeling calm, elevated and content. I've since taken part in many more sessions. Susie is a fantastic practitioner - thank you.


Joel D, 5 Stars

“We've been having individual breathwork sessions with Susie for the last six months. I can't recommend her highly enough. She creates such a special, safe space for you to breathe and you always have the sense that she understands where you're at emotionally and knows what you need. I've found the whole experience transformational!"

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