Thoroughly enjoyed my second breathwork session with Susie! Some changes this session: 1. Me being pregnant 2. An online session. Both worked amazingly. Our Zoom call worked wonders! I really felt as if Susie was in the room and knew I was in safe hands. Totally recommend arranging an online session during lockdown - just what I needed after feeling anxious and trapped over the last few weeks! Feeling 100% refreshed and connected to myself & bubs. Thank you!



Susie invited me to join her Zoom group breathwork sessions, something I had not experienced before. I found it strange at first to get the breathing in a regular flow but Susie guided me through the whole process. Susie makes you feel relaxed and is very knowledgeable about her subject and can answer any questions you have before or after the session. I suffer with anxiety a lot so I use breathing techniques to combat this and Susie's sessions have aided me in this respect too.



An incredible session. I felt tension and releases in places I didn’t expect. I noticed feeling the need to exhale as much diminished as we moved through the session. It gave me a nano-second of worry (where was the air going?) then I remembered Susie saying the breath would go where it was needed and after that I could feel hungry cells in all sorts of places just gulping down oxygen. Visually as we began the session I was shown a kind of black box away from my body. As we moved through the session it came towards me and turned into a globe. It then started looking like an eclipse corona - multi-coloured light around the globe, becoming more purple. By the time we finished I was looking at golden water shot through with purple and azure blue swirling in infinity symbol formation everywhere around me. It strikes me today that’s quite the visual metaphor for boxing away emotion/trauma and then starting to reintegrate everything into myself.



As a first-timer, I was quite nervous - I didn't know what to expect. I needn't have worried though as Susie gently and expertly guided me through the session. By the end, I was left feeling calm, elevated and content. I've since taken part in many more sessions. Susie is a fantastic practitioner - thank you.



I find breathwork with Susie really powerful. It helps me with different situations in my life such as past trauma, relaxation and tension relief. This week's intention was Clarity. After our session, my breathing was lighter and I had the courage to set some boundaries and speak freely. The best part was waking up this morning in the exact same position I had fallen asleep in. No dreams, no nightmares. It was so peaceful and rewarding to have a good night's sleep. I felt my conscience was clear after breathwork.



I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Intuitive Breathwork in real life and digitally during the pandemic. In a time when our breathing is being seriously compromised there is no better time than now to experience an intuitive workshop. Susie is one of a kind, you feel instantly safe in her warm and guiding spirit. Even if you are a novice or new to the modality, the act is simple enough to follow without experience. You just have to breathe.


Holding Hands

I’ve just experienced my first Breathwork session which was an introduction on what it’s all about and how to do it. I feel refreshed, energised, calm and relaxed - all at the same time! I felt physical changes in my body which were all explained beforehand so I had nothing to worry about. I’d highly recommend anyone to give this a go, I’m definitely going to be booking more sessions to take my learning further.


Yoga at Home

I have attended Susie's Transformational Breath work online three times now. The first one I found to be the most powerful, it gave me tingling sensations and a release of energies. I cried but it was amazing and I felt so good afterwards. The second time was as good and I didn't cry - I laughed. I felt so much joy and felt the shifting of energies within my body. Again a very powerful experience. The third time towards the end during the meditation I went deep into another world, seeing purple colours, knowing I was a soul within a physical body. Each time was different, but as good as each other and I am looking forward to continuing this work as I felt so good afterwards. Susie is lovely and holds your space, guides you through and helps you to release anything that is no longer needed. To have a one-on-one with her would be amazing.


Beautiful Smile

Thank you for your help Susie. It was amazing. I had such a release of blocked emotions. I felt tired afterwards, but in a very positive way. Cancelled everything and took a nap! My best friend hadn’t seen me in 7 months or so, apart from a number of WhatsApp conversations over the summer. She had noted that I seemed tense, fraught and distressed during some of our chats. I was exhausted by everything that was going on with my parents. Anyway, visiting me in person after my sessions with you, she said that I seemed very calm and relaxed - almost serene! She felt that I was in a better place than I have been for a long time.