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Breathwork Therapist | Embodiment Mentor | Trauma Recovery Facilitator | Energy Work | MHFA Trained


My path has weaved its way through a deep and transformative education in Conscious Breathwork, Emotional Trauma Healing and the history within us. My specialisms are Abandonment Trauma and Breathwork, the prominent modality being Conscious Breathwork. It ranks as one of the main elements in Trauma Recovery, being an integral tool in Nervous System regulation and any level of self-exploration and development work. Throughout my practice I regularly embrace and encourage joy through laughter as I develop my understanding, knowledge, and love for all the modalities I practice. When blended and combined they provide an overall somatic coherence, as they all flow into and connect with each other. I feel privileged to be able to offer and facilitate these beautiful and pioneering methods as a registered professional practitioner in the SE London and Kent area. 


Having gone through my own process of integration whilst retraining and re-educating, diving deep into my own inner world, I have evolved to inspire and hold space for others. I create a supportive and safe environment for those wanting to swim deeper into their own human experience, leaning into the qualifications I’ve come to embody and achieve along the way. All this has empowered me to assist and nurture my clients on a journey to reclaim their evolutionary direction, activate their inner compass and find their way back to the ancient wisdom of their own deep, natural sense of knowing.


2016 was my introduction to Breathwork. Breathwork found me and it was an instant feeling of connection after I experienced my first Transformational Breath® Workshop, a meeting which took me on an 18-month certified training program with Judith Kravitz and The Transformational Breath® Foundation UK. Completing my UK training with The Big Breath Company, London.


In 2018 I successfully completed my Laughter Yoga Leader training. Laughter is deeply important to me; I have a playful spirit and a love of humour ingrained in me from my days as a stand-up comedian. This has led me to develop my own style of Laughter Therapy, a naturally humorous step for me. 


In 2019 I completed an intensive MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) certified course which educated me in new ways to understand, support and work with those struggling with mental health. 


In 2020 I gained and developed my Trauma Informed educational training, studying with BBTRS® (BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System) and in 2021 completing a 6 month intensive Trauma Informed Mentoring certified program with the prestigious Mastin Kipp®. 


I have sat and worked with many plant medicines since 2015, holding powerful and integrative 1 day ceremonies, combining the knowledge of the sacred shamanic medicine Kambo & the deeply transformative modality of Conscious Connected Breathwork - in collaboration with my spiritual sister, Kambo Practitioner and Evolutionary Astrologer, Charlotte Donachie. 


Charlotte is also my co-host on our comedy (spiritual) podcast The Lightworkers Café, available on Apple & Spotify. In The Lightworkers Café we channel 10% wisdom and 90% absurdity from the higher realms - for your divine intervention.


My forever playful spirit encourages not only my love of laughter, but dancing, drumming, sound healing and storytelling - as well as paid and published writing. I am a deeply intuitive soul and work consciously with energy, psychic messages, and ancestors. I received the initiation of the Munay-Ki Rites in 2020 to then step onto the Shamanic Medicine Wheel to work with, heal through and honour its teachings.

I experience life as an unfolding adventure, beautiful, abundant, and nourishing me at every turn. As I learn and grow my way through this unique time of transformation, I sit in gratitude for it all. Committing myself to evolutionary change, deep soul work and of course playing a role where I can encourage and inspire the betterment and rebirth of the planet and humanity.

This is who I am.

I welcome you to Intuitive Breathwork.

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