Every single person’s breathing pattern is unique, just like a fingerprint. 

Whether you opt for a one-to-one Conscious Breathwork session or attend a group workshop, I can read and understand not only your breath but your Nervous System history and the places within the body where you may have old, trapped emotions blocking your flow leaving you feeling ‘stuck’. Good emotional health requires us to clear these blockages, as they are the root cause of most of our uneasiness, disconnection or dysregulation. 

Trauma Informed Breathwork provides so many insights into your emotional and mental health because emotional health is mental health. Working with a bottom-up approach we start with any issues held in the body, allowing us to work with your emotional data, transforming the thoughts/stories attached to those old emotions. This means we are changing your inner narrative; your behaviours naturally and consciously adapt to a new narrative once the blocks are released, which ultimately frees you of past held ‘maladaptive behaviours’ connected to old emotions which created the old stories. You can literally ‘breathe yourself free’. 

We all hold tension in our bodies, emotions we have not yet fully processed, and these tight and restricted areas negatively impact the depth and flow of our breath. 

Breathwork is a deeply somatic therapy and with the modality of Conscious Connected Breathwork we can start the process of integrating all our past experiences, which empowers us to not only live our purpose but to be gloriously alive in the present moment, from a place of radical wholeness and peace.



- Boosting energy

- Stimulating the lymph system & detoxifying the body

- Alleviating tension in the muscles

- Alleviating ailments such as headaches, asthma & other respiratory conditions, digestive issues including IBS

- Improving sleep

- Reducing allergies

Emotional & Spiritual:

- Reducing stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks

- Releasing past hurt & trauma including birth trauma

- Shifting negative thought patterns, self-sabotaging behaviours e.g. addiction & anger

- Increasing self esteem, joy & groundedness

- Deepening meditation practice

- Expanding conscious awareness

- Strengthening spiritual connection & spiritual gifts


Any first time 1:1 with me either online or in person must always include an initial consultation. Together we will look at your reasons for choosing Breathwork, Mentoring or Energy Work. We will assess and discuss the work we will do together; evaluating what you may be carrying within the subconscious, the body and the Nervous System. Please be aware this work could take you outside of your comfort zone but is always a space of safety and trust for you to explore Breathwork. 

During this consultation we will be able to ascertain and outline together what is required in your session/s, allowing you to fully let go and fold into a new kind of freedom.

Let’s Breathe.



Online one-to-one


New Client £70

Return Client £55

50 - 60 mins


Online one-to-one block bookings

3 sessions 

(Package Deal)

50 - 60 mins



In - Person


£125 New Client


£100 Return Client 

60 - 70 mins



In - Person


block bookings:


4 sessions £380

6 sessions £550

60 - 70 mins