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I am deeply intuitive by nature, gifted the Munay Ki rites initiation in 2020 as well currently sitting on the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. I am also Reiki and Seicham attuned. I've evolved my Energy Work to now connect at a psychic level with specific high vibrational frequencies to encourage people's own innate healing ability to reignite.

I work with your own energy and I can do this with you in person or remotely. I do not consider myself a healer but more a receptor to which your own healing ability responds. You are your own healer. 

I feel the work I offer is more on a purifying frequency and most people when they encounter me, either through my various holistic modalities or in a general everyday life capacity usually start a process whether it is a conscious one or not. But it’s likely you’ll start to notice changes, some of them may be easier than others this is because I am connecting you back into your true essence of purifying your own space. Jobs may end, people may leave, doors may open which were once closed and you may find yourself drawn to new and different ways of doing things. Dormant feelings may come back to the surface to be worked through and healed.

Life will begin to reorganise itself. This is the natural law which activates within you through the Energy Work I offer. 

It mostly depends on the person receiving the energy how deeply the purification manifests itself and how you choose to work with it. But if you are reading this, it's not by chance, this work is calling you not the other way round. 

These sessions can bring about changes at a cellular and material level so allow yourself to be open to letting it happen. Surrender to a different version of yourself and embrace this energetic upgrade and all the possibilities it brings. 

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