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The What:

This is a certified Breathwork Training Program which is a project and a thing of love and hard work, a 9-month training program which I have developed, created, and taken extremely seriously.  It took us over 2 years to create, and I have connected and co-created with the right team - choosing those I have worked with and people I have personally Trained. I trust everyone implicitly with this work, and it has, without a doubt, been a collective effort. Everyone on the team has contributed and helped make this program truly unique, in-depth, educational, and inspiring. 

The founding members of Intuitive Breathwork Training took their first steps in the 2024 cohort, but we are opening the doors to many more Trainees allowing access and accessibility to this life-enriching education and transformative process. Working with feedback from those doing the training as well as us the facilitators, being the hands-on creators which helps us in our evolution of this dynamic and life changing Trauma informed Breathwork Training.

The Why:

Why do I feel called to Train others?

Since starting my professional breathwork career in 2019 (my relationship with Breathwork began in 2017), my business has grown from strength to strength. As I shared my love of breathwork with more and more people through 1-1 private clients, workshops, festivals and retreats, the regular and ongoing requests for this type of training made it seem like a logical next step. I also have a background in Training and a deep love for teaching, I knew deep down it was the right move. I know on a more energetic level, my calling has always been to reach big numbers of people to assist in the rise of the collective consciousness. Breathwork is a deeply profound and SELF-healing modality. Each person who dives deep within it comes home to the sacred sovereignty of self, buried too deep and for too long. Its power is an accessible tool in an ever-changing landscape, both internally and externally. 

Breathwork is, without doubt an important part of the New Earth frequency. My role here is to be part of delivering this and making it an accessible medicine to as many as I can so they may share it with as many as they can, safely, with integrity and a true sense of purpose. Because together we rise. 

The When:

Options: instalment payments or paying in full is required. Full registration is open from 1st July 2024.


We offer 12 paid places and 2 bursary spaces in the sign-up for the next cohort of 2025. Bursaries are by application only and will not be available to applicants until 12 paid places are confirmed. You can email us directly at to be added to the wait list for Bursary Applications. 

Training begins April 2025 (a list of all the exact dates will be confirmed by 1st July) it will run for nine months – qualified after 6 months and supervised for the remaining 3 months. Graduation is in October 2025, full sign-off is December 2025. You MUST be able to attend ALL Residential Weekends – you cannot qualify otherwise.

There is 3 months mandatory supervision expected after qualifications are given so you feel confident and competent in all areas of your practice. You will not be able to run workshops for the first 6 weeks post qualification – to ensure you are ready! 

Residential Training is based in Tonbridge, Kent – a short 10-minute walk from Tonbridge train Station. 

A total of 9 months - Includes: 4 x Residential Weekends (Fri 2pm to Sun 4 pm). 3 x Online 1 day Teaching Days (4-hour sessions bimonthly).  Monthly check-ins with your designated mentors, theory, and practical homework throughout. Approx. 400 hours in total / 45 hours a month.

The Who:
Susie Smith - Senior Trainer 

Breathwork & Emotional Trauma Therapist | Embodiment Mentor | Shamanic Energy Worker| Mental Health First Aider

Susie has been a qualified Breathwork Therapist and Trauma Informed Facilitator for over 7 years. Working deeply with Conscious Connected Breathwork and the history within the Nervous System, creating somatic and profound experiences for everyone attending her 1:1 sessions or workshops. Being deeply intuitive by nature enables Susie to work with the frequency of your own body intelligence, dropping you into higher states of consciousness through the body’s wisdom and the power of the breath. Helping clients unpack unconscious emotional baggage and restore the body to its sovereign state. Susie’s path has weaved its way through a deep and transformative education in Conscious Breathwork, Emotional Trauma Healing, and the history they both hold within us.

Susie feels truly privileged and grateful to be able to offer and facilitate these beautiful, pioneering, and ancestral methods in these modern and challenging times.

Leigh Jones - Senior Trainer 

Leigh is a breathwork practitioner, holistic lifestyle coach, functional movement practitioner and life-long student of whole human health.


Leigh firmly believes that within every individual resides an innate impulse to grow, evolve and thrive. His mission is to help people remove the physical, mental, and emotional barriers that obstruct this natural flourishing. 


His holistic approach with clients addresses the various pillars of health. This includes nervous system regulation, trauma resolution, breathwork, hydration, nutrition and gut health, sleep, stress management, movement, and archetypal work.

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