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Sun, 05 Sept


Greater London

Introduction to Reducing Emotional Triggers via Trauma Informed Breathwork

Discover how to reduce the impact of Emotional Triggers & Trauma in the body and mind through breathwork and cutting edge neuroscience.

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Introduction to Reducing Emotional Triggers via Trauma Informed Breathwork
Introduction to Reducing Emotional Triggers via Trauma Informed Breathwork

Time & Location

05 Sept 2021, 13:00 – 16:00 BST

Greater London, 9 Albemarle Rd, Beckenham BR3 5HZ, UK

About the Event

This Introductory Course is for you if…

• You want a better understanding of your emotional trauma and triggers so you can learn new skills to develop healthier coping strategies.

• You want to learn Breathwork as tool to correct a dysregulated Nervous System.

• You find yourself feeling stuck and blocked when problems arise and don’t know why.

• You want to build more resilience to help you regulate your emotional responses during problematic moments in life, and gain new insights into why it happens and how to change it.

What if I told you the problem is never really the problem? That the real problem, is in fact our ability to cope with the problem.

So, the problem is not the problem, the way we cope with it is the problem.


This integrative half day course will give you introductory level tools you need to begin developing your awareness of emotional regulation, building resilience with techniques which include conscious breathwork exercises, basic understandings of cutting-edge neuroscience and a powerful Nervous System Flexibility visualisation.

I'll help you understand WHY Nervous System Regulation matters to your overall wellbeing. Teach you how to befriend your nervous system and improve your body's neuroplasticity. Meaning over time the body rewrites the script allowing the subconscious mind to follow, as you create new habits and behaviours = new ways of coping.

Learning to regulate means building better resilience so your tolerance increases, you become stronger. So when triggered you attune and work with the BODY responses and overtime your intensity, duration, and frequency of these uncomfortable states will significantly decrease allowing you more agency and control over your life.


Emotional Trauma is basically any pockets of left-over energy from a particularly emotionally intense event or experience which has not been able to discharge or release from the body at the time of the original event - so it remains stuck in our Nervous System where it can cause severe disruption in the form of triggers. This impacts our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

A few symptoms of Trauma: Anxiety, Insomnia, Shame, Anger, Fear, Hypervigilance & Perfectionism, Procrastination, Inability to Achieve Goals, Extreme Independence, Lack of Empathy, Bullying, Impaired capacity for self-protection, Self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome, Feeling worthless…

An emotional trauma response ‘Triggers’ happen when we are living in the here and now but subconsciously reacting from the past, unable to move forward because our inflexible Nervous Systems won’t let us.


Symptoms ARE Triggers; they are the body’s (Nervous System) way of reacting just as it did at the original event or experience. It leaps into ‘trauma response’ – also known as 'survival mode' because it doesn’t realise the danger has passed and is simply continuing to act out in a way that it knows ‘keeps you safe’ – This is why we can feel ‘stuck’ in life – stuck in certain states/responses/triggers.

 What you will gain from this workshop: 

• Discover how Emotional Trauma impacts our lives.

• Understanding Emotional Dysregulation.

• Build better Emotional Resilience.

• Problems of an inflexible Nervous System and what it means.

• The basics of the Polyvagal Theory.

• What faulty neuroception is and how it causes our triggers.

• Learn a Blended State visualisation technique to create a more flexible nervous system and better trigger responses.

• Experience a fully guided 45 minute Conscious Breathwork session - a vital Emotional Regulation tool.

 You can heal your trauma and heal your life through learning emotional regulation and the power of conscious breathwork.

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